2010 Wakestock Canada – Day 1

Did a last minute pack after I finished my work for the morning and then headed over to Casie‘s to meet the girls.  Had the WORST cab driver – he forgot to turn the meter on til halfway and then drove me through the Roger’s center to make up for it – ignoring me telling him which way to go.

Packed Chad’s suitcase to take with me – I have enough clothes for a week and we’re only there for 2 nights.  Road-tripped the way up.  Sang some Lady Gaga & Metallica Car-aoke and filmed a nude wedges walk-off on our one stop.

Love the girls I’m hanging with this weekend.  So good to have positive girls that support each other on our Wakestock Party Girls Weekend.  It’s funny how we can all hang out and be texting/tweeting/FB-ing and still be having conversations.  Love knowing that I can keep on talking and everyone is paying attention :)

Got to our loft at Mountain Spring Resort and Jonathan was already there and waiting for us and he’d stocked up on candy & booze.  Our blond hurricane took over the place pretty fast and we got dressed to go eat in the Blue Mountain Village.  Went to eat at Copper Blues and the hostess was extremely rude to Raymi and then refused to accept Casie’s photo ID – so we got up and walked out.  Went over to Tholo’s and they had the nicest staff and best food.  We sat on the patio and it was pretty chilly so they brought us two propane heaters and we were golden.  Raymi the Foodie ordered us this amazing flambeed cheese called Saganaki and it was delicious.

After dinner we went back to the house to change and take photos before heading back to the Village for the Edge 102.1 Afterparty.  There were so many dumb, drunk jocks there and it was kind of ridiculous.  I’ll never understand why any guy thinks a good pick up line is to just grab a girl’s hair, shirt, hat.  We weren’t mean, just danced away until some idiot spilled his entire drink down O’Nizzle’s back and in her hair.  Good thing we were wearing our Zeugari suits underneath for a quick change.

Made some friends, got some drinks and danced front row to Rebel Emergency.  Awesome live band and we met the guys afterwards… of course they were already friends with my bro and his band.  Were gonna hang with them after the show but they showed up too late and we were in bed already.

For more photos check my Picasa and check out Casie, Lauren & Raymi‘s blogs for more!

Wakestock Day 2 & 3 to come this week :)