Show & Tell: July 30/10

I got stranded in Detroit last week and didn’t get to do a Show & Tell so I’ve got lots saved up for you this week!  It’s been another great week in TO and things are crazy busy.  I’ve been working on plans for a revamp of my agency and the pieces are falling into place.  I can’t believe how fast summer is going, July is almost over and then we’ve only got a month left of sunny weather.  I’m looking forward to this being a long weekend and next week I’ll be going to Wakestock with Casie, Raymi & Lauren and I really want to try wakeboarding.  Hopefully it happens!

  • A Portugese magazine uses flags of different countries to show life issues that affect people in different parts of the world.  Flags Raised World Issues
  • Isabella Blow was an influential woman in the fashion world and her suicide in 2007 left behind an enormous and unique collection of clothing & art.  It was to be sold at Christie’s and her friend Daphne Guinness bought the entire collection to stop the sale.  Why I Stopped The Sale is her explanation on the preservation of Isabella Blow’s Work of Art
  • I love the look of this minimalist pink & white apartment in Copenhagen, home to graphic designer Laura Terp Hansen
  • I’m not a girl that tans, with my pale complexion I burn pretty fast.  It seems that the world is obsessed with tanned skin, even though it is bad for you in the long run.  Hey Dollface has a good article on why she is Pale and Proud.
  • This was a funny read What Your Email Address Says About Your Computer Skills – Just to clarify I have email at my own domain & a gmail :)
  • Is a Homosexual Approach to Sex More Natural? Do you agree or disagree?  I do understand that you can be attracted to more than one person at a time, but personally I am not interested in having anything other than a monogamous relationship with my partner.
  • Where We Design is a blog that showcases workspaces of designers, agencies, etc.  Has some really great ideas for my office redesign.
  • $30 Date Night has tons of fun and cheap ideas for dates on the cheap.  I really want to go to the drive-in and the treasure hunt sounds like fun!
  • I love Prince.  He is a musical genius and a style icon.  Stylish Thought wrote a great post about 10 Things Prince Taught Me About Fashion
  • In the online world it’s easy to promote yourself, your accomplishments & events, but is it turning people off?  Self Service: The Delicate Dance of Online Bragging is a must-read for everyone who promotes themselves online.
  • For those of us that work from home, it can be really hard to turn “off” when your office is in your house.  I tend to work most of the time, especially when Chad is away and have work-dates with Kathryn on a regular basis. has a helpful article “How to work–really work–at home, and not lose your mind in the process” and I’ve implemented some of their tips into my schedule.
  • Yahoo! has come out with the The Yahoo! Style Guide: The Ultimate Sourcebook for Writing, Editing, and Creating Content for the Digital World.  It’s a great resource for bloggers and I’m going to pick up a copy.
  • I love the look of these retro styled modern gadgets.  My favourites are the old Nintendo controller and the Olympus Camera
  • I’ve got two videos to share this week that Dan from Civil Uprise showed me when I went to Chad’s band practice a few weeks ago.

Axis of Awesome – 4 Chord Song

Rick Miller sings Bohemian Rhapsody