I am Cointreauversial!

Guess what??  Today I actually won a contest!

I’m away on a working vacation at the cottage with Chad and got an email from She Does The City that I won their Cointreau contest to meet Dita Von Teese in New Orleans.  I wanted to win this so badly and I actually can’t believe I did.  My tickets are being booked as I write this and next week my sister and I are getting on a plane and going to New Orleans.

I am a huge Dita fan and am excited that we get to meet her and see her show live.  To go to New Orleans is like a dream come true because I have been dying to go there since I was 18.   I’m only there for a couple of days but I want to make sure I make the most of my trip there.  If you have any must see’s or do’s while we’re there I’d love to know.

I can’t wait for an adventure!