Luke Bilyk’s Phone Number

DISCLAIMER: After 2 weeks of non-stop calls, day and night I had to write this post because I am being inundated by calls from young girls who are fans of one of my former talent.

Girls.  Please stop calling my phone for Luke Bilyk.  The number for Fairlie Agency is a business line and you are tying up my phone, costing me money and HARASSING ME.  I worked with him a few years ago but he is no longer with my agency and I do not have contact with him.

He is not going to answer the phone, he will not get your messages, he will not call you back.  WHY?  BECAUSE THIS IS NOT HIS PHONE NUMBER.

Please stop calling me for him.



Show & Tell: July 30/10

I got stranded in Detroit last week and didn’t get to do a Show & Tell so I’ve got lots saved up for you this week!  It’s been another great week in TO and things are crazy busy.  I’ve been working on plans for a revamp of my agency and the pieces are falling into place.  I can’t believe how fast summer is going, July is almost over and then we’ve only got a month left of sunny weather.  I’m looking forward to this being a long weekend and next week I’ll be going to Wakestock with Casie, Raymi & Lauren and I really want to try wakeboarding.  Hopefully it happens!

  • A Portugese magazine uses flags of different countries to show life issues that affect people in different parts of the world.  Flags Raised World Issues
  • Isabella Blow was an influential woman in the fashion world and her suicide in 2007 left behind an enormous and unique collection of clothing & art.  It was to be sold at Christie’s and her friend Daphne Guinness bought the entire collection to stop the sale.  Why I Stopped The Sale is her explanation on the preservation of Isabella Blow’s Work of Art
  • I love the look of this minimalist pink & white apartment in Copenhagen, home to graphic designer Laura Terp Hansen
  • I’m not a girl that tans, with my pale complexion I burn pretty fast.  It seems that the world is obsessed with tanned skin, even though it is bad for you in the long run.  Hey Dollface has a good article on why she is Pale and Proud.
  • This was a funny read What Your Email Address Says About Your Computer Skills – Just to clarify I have email at my own domain & a gmail :)
  • Is a Homosexual Approach to Sex More Natural? Do you agree or disagree?  I do understand that you can be attracted to more than one person at a time, but personally I am not interested in having anything other than a monogamous relationship with my partner.
  • Where We Design is a blog that showcases workspaces of designers, agencies, etc.  Has some really great ideas for my office redesign.
  • $30 Date Night has tons of fun and cheap ideas for dates on the cheap.  I really want to go to the drive-in and the treasure hunt sounds like fun!
  • I love Prince.  He is a musical genius and a style icon.  Stylish Thought wrote a great post about 10 Things Prince Taught Me About Fashion
  • In the online world it’s easy to promote yourself, your accomplishments & events, but is it turning people off?  Self Service: The Delicate Dance of Online Bragging is a must-read for everyone who promotes themselves online.
  • For those of us that work from home, it can be really hard to turn “off” when your office is in your house.  I tend to work most of the time, especially when Chad is away and have work-dates with Kathryn on a regular basis. has a helpful article “How to work–really work–at home, and not lose your mind in the process” and I’ve implemented some of their tips into my schedule.
  • Yahoo! has come out with the The Yahoo! Style Guide: The Ultimate Sourcebook for Writing, Editing, and Creating Content for the Digital World.  It’s a great resource for bloggers and I’m going to pick up a copy.
  • I love the look of these retro styled modern gadgets.  My favourites are the old Nintendo controller and the Olympus Camera
  • I’ve got two videos to share this week that Dan from Civil Uprise showed me when I went to Chad’s band practice a few weeks ago.

Axis of Awesome – 4 Chord Song

Rick Miller sings Bohemian Rhapsody

Wanna Party at Wakestock?

Summer Concert Season is in full swing!  I’m off to Lilith Fair this afternoon with Casie and then August 6-8 I’ll be up in Collingwood for Wakestock Canada!

Gonna hook up with three of my favourite blog girls Raymi the Minx, Casie Stewart & Lauren O’Nizzle and we’ll be partying it up with a weekend of Babes, Beers & Bikinis and you should come too!

Our friends at Wakestock have put together a special discount just for our friends & readers!  It’s the  Social Ticket Offer and it’s only $55 for a 3-day pass.  Just click the link and enter the password: Partygirl.  The offer is valid until 10:00am on Thurs. July 29 so get your tickets now if you want to come and party with us!

I am super stoked to see some of my favourite bands play.  Performing this year @WakestockCanada are Public Enemy, Alexisonfire (AOF), Crash Kings, my friends U.S.S. & Maestro Fresh Wes., Hollerado and my new favourite artist KO!  We’re gonna be all over the festival, watching the wakeboarders, hanging out backstage, checking out the afterparties and anywhere we can to have the ultimate Wakestock experience.

It’s gonna be an awesome weekend and if you’re gonna come out, let us know!

Kandee’s Lemon & Sugar Scrub for Perfect Skin

I love Kandee Johnson’s makeup tutorials and her blog and YouTube videos are so positive and inspiring.  She’s got lots of great tips and tricks to make you look your best.  In May she posted a quick & easy Lemon & Sugar Scrub for perfect looking skin and it really does make your skin soft and helps to clear up blemishes.  I’ve added it to my skincare routine and wanted to share it with you.

Make sure you check out Kandee’s YouTube for more great skin care & makeup tips.