This week has been crazy busy with NXNE and NXNEi taking place.  I’ve been attending NXNE since I moved to Toronto five years ago and have covered it for a variety of online sites, including my own blogs.  I was really excited to hear that they decided to launch an Interactive component to the already successful NXNE Music & Film Festival.

I met up with the lovely Casie for the panels and I was very impressed with the panels and their content.  One thing that most people noted was that there was no WiFi access for attendees.  For an interactive event this was a pretty big NoNo and really the only negative thing I heard anyone say.  There is a promise of free WiFi at next year’s NXNEi so let’s hope it happens.


I sat in on four panels: Amber Mac’s “Architects Of Community”; Jamie Woo’s “Social Media Circle Jerking 101”;  Scott Stratten’s “Stop Marketing, Start Engaging. Social Media and Viral Marketing”; and the Women in Social Media panel titled “Thank you for being a friend: Tips, traits and tactics of successful women in tech and social media”.

  • I have been to a couple of Scott Stratten‘s presentations and I admire that he has created a strong personal brand with hard work and passion.  He covered everything from his past professional experience (both good and bad) that have led him to creating his Unmarketing online personal brand. I recommend going to an event to hear him speak if you haven’t already.
  • Social Media Circle Jerk was of course a popular panel, that discussed how people and organizations use social media that annoys their followers instead of engaging them.  They also touched on what kind of content users post on Twitter, including being critical of others online, censorship and posting personal tweets on business profiles.  Speakers were Kevin Airgid, Mark Evans, Andrew Lane, Michael Dolan and moderated by Jamie Woo.
  • Architects of Community featuring Alan Cross, Amber Mac and Erica Ehm was one of the most interesting panels in my opinion.  The topic was building communities through social media and learning how they grew them with limited resources.  It was interesting to hear that the key point was again being authentic and the level of engagement you have with your community.
  • Women in Social Media featured Lucia Mancuso, April Dunford, Guinevere Orvis and Amrita Chandra and it was a very relaxed and welcoming atmosphere for this panel.  Three main topics were discussed – gender and technology, mentors and online identity. Their main points for success were: setting clear goals, seeking out mentors, and asking questions.  These women were the highlight panel of my NXNEi experience and it really got me thinking about my business model and plans for the future.

I had a great time at NXNEi and really learned alot.  I can’t wait to see what next’s years conference will bring.  Thanks to Jason for stopping us to take photos!