Show & Tell: June 4/10

I was up at the crack of dawn this morning to get to the Branded Content Summit by 8:00am.  It was actually pretty nice to be up so early.  I haven’t seen anything before 10am in a while.  Last night was really fun.  I really enjoy hearing Scott Stratten speak and I met some interesting people.

So far the BCS2010 is really interesting and I’ve taken a pile of notes.  Arlene Dickinson is such an inspiring woman and she really knows her stuff.  I’m doing this Show & Tell in between speakers and there was just a dance break by one of the hosts, Chris Advanasan.  I got it on video :)

  • I finally saw the Sex & the City movie – the first one – and of course had to search for the book that Carrie is reading “Love Letters of Great Men“.  It actually didn’t exist prior to the film and once it was released a bunch of different authors created their own.
  • Letters of Note posted a hand-written letter penned by Michael Jackson to camera operator Bill Pecchi.
  • I just love this stunning photo set of mountains and valleys
  • has compiled a list of 100 Incredible Virtual Tours that give people the chance to explorecities, famous landmarks and buildings, museums, college campuses, and even outer space.
  • I dream every night, and most of the time I remember them when I wake up, so I’ve been an avid reader of dream interpretation.  Dream Moods is a great online source for dream interpretation
  • This one is a little FYI for the guys – 10 Places Women Want to be Touched
  • One of the coolest weddings I’ve seen – A Real Life Pirate Wedding
  • Are you a shy girl on the dating scene?  If so, Stylecaster has a great article on dating tips for introverted women
  • In need of a vacation, but lack the time or funds to do so?  ”You Don’t Have to Get Away to Get Away”  by Gala has some really helpful info
  • This week I learned how to do CPR online.  I wonder how many others learned from the same video.  Click here for the “Super Sexy CPR”

dance class