I like watchin’ the puddles gather rain

I stayed up til 5am doing my taxes last night cause I had a meeting with my new accountant today.  Got up at 10:30 and my monthly horoscope from Susan Miller was up.  I really like reading her forecasts and it’s interesting to see how things play out. I’m in for a pretty busy & exciting month and I’m ready for it.  Last month was kind of blah for me and I’m glad I took it easy and gave myself time to relax and reflect.

Dropped my friend Kathryn to the airport, so I’ve got a car for the week.  She’s off to Hey Romeo-land to celebrate the release of their sophmore album “That’s What I Am”.  Then made my way to the accountant’s office for the meeting.  First time using an actual Entertainment Accountant and I really liked him.  So much info and it’s going to make my life a lot easier.

Tonight I’m going to a BizMedia event with Casie.  Really looking forward to it and meeting some new people and more Tweeps IRL.  Can’t be out too late though.  Tomorrow is the first ever Branded Content Summit and I’m going as media.  There is such a great panel of speakers and I’ve got to be prepared.

Gotta get ready and get out of here!

At the Notable TV RW&CO Event

At the Notable TV RW&CO Event