Kristin Cavalleri on the Aftershow

Ok, I’m a little late in posting this but since I’ll be heading out to MTV tonight to see Miss Holly Montag I’ve got to get my Kristin Cavalleri post done.

The lovely Casie invited some super awesome blog babes to MTV to watch the Season Premiere of The Hills and The Aftershow with see Kristin Cavalleri.  We get to sit in the VIP Blogger area aka the Balcony and I feel super cool up there :)

The Hills was full of the usual drama… Frankenheidi’s debut to her mother (very sad to watch) and her family trying to understand and deal with their new “plastic” daughter.  It was actually pretty heartbreaking to see just how sad Heidi is. She just looks like a lost little girl and her family seems very worried, as they should be. Spencer seems even crazier than before and the whole crystals thing is bizarre. Audrina, Stephanie, Lo & Kristin went to Miami to bond – and then got in Kristin’s face about her alleged drug abuse…. oh to be young in LA….

We stuck around for The Aftershow and the warm up guy was pretty entertaining.  Can’t remember his name, but he was a funny guy.  Jessi had on  super fab dress that I can’t remember the designer of and Dan looked cute as always.  They were saying how nice and sweet Kristin is in person, but I had some preconceived notions about her… ok, I actually disliked her a lot and thought she was a bitch.  Then she came onstage and really did seem like a sweet girl.  Her valley girl voice is kind of annoying, but she was very charming and won me over.  She denied the drug allegations, talked a bit about Heidi’s new “look” and posed for photos during commercial breaks.

I had a super fun time and afterwards we headed over to Jack Astors for food and drinks.

Looking forward to seeing the girls tonight and I can’t wait to hear what Holly has to say about her sister, especially in lieu of the newest reports that Spencer has Heidi on lockdown and called the police on her mom.

Tune in tonight!