Just Open Up Your Mind

Happy Monday friends.  It’s a beautiful sunny day and I hope you are all feeling good.  Got up early today to have breakfast with my brother before he leaves on tour for 40 days.  It’s crazy how long everyone is gone for this summer.  I’m am bursting with pride and excitement for all my friends who are out on tour right now.  If you want to see where they’re going, check their sites DWW or HTV.

Had a fun weekend, dyed my hair again, this time using Manic Panic’s Flash Lightening kit as the base and it worked so well I coudn’t believe it.  Check out my review on ChickAdvisor.

It was also Kathryn’s belated bday celebration and Mother’s Day BBQ out of town with the fam.  I love hanging with my family.  Mugga (my grandma) and I had a really interesting conversation about Twitter, Blackberry & Facebook.  She doesn’t want any of them, but wanted to know more about how they work.

Listened to some great music on the car ride there and back.  Kyle was playing the original songs that some really famous hip hop songs sampled and it really shows how diverse their musical tastes are. Beastie Boys “Sure Shot” – Jeremy Steig’s “Howlin’ for Judy”; Biggies “Big Poppa” – The Isley Brothers “Between the Sheets”.

Then he told Kristin & I that Lady Gaga’s “Alejandro” was the same song as Ace of Base “Don’t Turn Around”.  He played Gaga and we all sang the Ace of Base song.  Weird how close they are.


Gotta get back to working and wrap up my day.  Just sorted out all my photos and am gonna spend this week catching up on the events I have to post.  Hope you had a great day!