Show & Tell: May 07, 2010

I’ve been staying close to home a lot this week.  I haven’t really left my house (or porch), other than to go to the bank and to get milk.  I’ve been doing a lot of organizing, cleaning and making lists to get things done.  Spring and sunny weather always make me feel like a renewal is on the horizon, and my horoscope has been pretty interesting this year to say the least.  There is always so much going on when everyone is around and it’s nice to have some time to myself.  I’ve been ridiculously productive this week and I feel like I’ve earned a whole weekend free for fun.

  • Don’t forget that this Sunday is Mother’s Day!  Mom’s love cards, flowers or even just a hug or phone call from their kids.
  • My evenings lately have been spent reading Eva Markvoort’s blog 65 Red Roses.  It is heartbreaking and inspiring to read her words.  Eva lost her lifelong battle with Cystic Fibrosis last month and I hope you all take a moment to read about her.  She truly was a fighter and a bright spirit and my thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends.
  • If you like reading your horoscope, Susan Miller is my favourite for an in depth, monthly forecast.  She’s been pretty accurate with mine so far this year.
  • Need a relaxing massage from an RMT?  You have to go and see my friend Carri at Imprint Massage.  It’s a beautiful space and she is taking on new clients.  I tweeted about her earlier this week as well.
  • Remember the cheesiness of Geo-Cities pages?  I definitely had one and today I had the joy of seeing what my blog could look like using the Geo-Citiesizer.  To see what my site looked like click HERE
  • This photo set by Nick Brandt of wild animals is stunning.  I can’t imagine how he would get photos like this.
  • I love Coke and old bottles so when I saw this photo of Coke bottles through the years I had to share it.
  • You have to read this – The Good Wife Guide – from the 1950’s I think.  I’ve seen a few different versions over the years and isn’t it ridiculous to think women were expected to behave like this.  Not in my house!
  • More photos from the Ehjafjallajokull volcano eruption.  I can’t get over how beautiful and terrifying these images are to me.
  • I spent most of Monday cleaning out my numerous email inboxes.  It was pretty liberating to file and clear out a few years worth of emails.  I recommend reading Mashable’s How To: Give your Inbox a Master Cleanse
  • Some great advice and things to try 20 Easy Ways to be Happier.
  • Threadbanger posted some interesting ideas to organize your craft space and I think they’d work well with any space.  Some really neat uses for storage that you might not think of

That’s it for this week friends.  I wish you all a great weekend with friends, family and full of love.

Eva Markvoort, 65 Red Roses

I Told You So