Don’t just sit there and ruminate

I have had a really great long (4 day) weekend, so far.  I really needed some time off from my crazy busy life to relax and get myself focused and ready for the next few months.

On Friday I had a really great coffee date with Julie & Christine from the blog Seven Dollar Pants.  Both girls are super nice and cute and their blog is about life and style on a budget.  We had a great chat about blogging and we’re going to get together again soon so I can help them out with some tricks of the trade :) Such a pleasure to meet you both.

Christine, Me, Julie

After coffee I walked back to my house and put on shorts to sit in the sun on the porch with Chad and our neighbor Tim.  It was so warm and sunny we stayed outside until the sun started to go down.  After a quick dinner I needed a nap before I got ready to go out to the main event of the weekend….. Raymi’s Birthday Party.

Kristin and I got dressed and up to the Central around midnight and the party was in full swing.  Got to hang with some of my favourite blog girls, Raymi, Casie & Meredith.  I felt a little awkward that I didn’t get the jean shorts & tights memo, but managed to catch up to them in drinking so we were even :)

I met some cool new people, including Alison, who is friends with both my sis and Raymi.  Another friend of ours, Carrie, made a delicious Blythe cake for Raymi and I was pretty excited to try one of her cakes.  It’s a funny story how I actually “met” Carrie.  Once upon a time I was dating a boy, that was kinda dating her, and another girl and I found out about it and the rest is history.  We’ve ran into each other a bunch of times and I actually found Raymi’s blog for the first time through Carrie’s blog.

We left around 1:30 because my sis had to work and I was ready for bed.  It’s amazing how tired a day in the sun makes you, even if you have a nap.  Friday was a great day filled with interesting people.  A good start to my holiday.