Thunderbid 3.0 is not what I thought it would be

Yesterday I downloaded Mozilla’s Thunderbird 3.0.1 and had high hopes for using it as my main email client.  I currently use Google for all of my email accounts (Gmail for personal and Google Apps for business & blog).  I love Google Apps and use the standard edition for my business and self-hosted domains and I highly recommend it, but I don’t want use it to manage multiple accounts.

I’ve used Mail & Entourage for Mac in the past but did not set them up again when I installed Snow Leopard.  I had heard about Thunderbird, but didn’t really think about using it until yesterday when I updated my Firefox and it was advertised the new version.  What sold me was that this new version of Thunderbird has tabs and easier account creation with port auto-detection for incoming and outgoing SMTP/POP connections. This enables accounts to be created by users who don’t know what port to use for outgoing and incoming SMTP/POP connections.

So I downloaded it and Kyle and I spent about an hour configuring my 4 email accounts.  Everything seemed to work fine until this morning when I went online and saw that all my emails sent out last night were replied to via my personal Gmail account.  I tried to troubleshoot, find answers online and did everything I could to figure it out and I could not get Thunderbird 3.0.1 to configure properly with my Google Apps accounts.  I’m disappointed because I really liked the Thunderbird layout, especially the tabbed inboxes.

I decided to try and configure Mail to see if it was a problem with the servers and set up all four email accounts within 30 minutes.  I hadn’t even opened Mail since upgrading my OS and I really like the newer version.  My iCal & Address Book synch automatically with Mail and all three are synched to the Google & Google Apps accounts.  My Inboxes are all separated and all “labels” have translated to “folders”.  I can customize my email signature and have one for each acount, a a Reminders section with  Notes and a To Do list and Mail also imports all the messages from my Gmail & Apps Drafts, Sent & Starred labels (folders) .

I’m deleting Thunderbird & Entourage and going with Mail.