MTV FORA, Peach Beserk & Blog Babes

I got my hair fixed first thing on Monday and it’s back to pink for me.  Thank you so much to Matt at Brennen Demelo Salon for coming in early on a Monday morning, fixing my colour and styling my hair for the MTV event.  Then it was off to see my lady Krista Mae, makeup artist extraordinaire, to get my makeup done.  I felt like such a princess having people do my hair & makeup and put me in a pretty dress to wear.  I’m always the business person in the background, holding on to everyone’s stuff and it was such a nice change to be the one in the spotlight, so to speak.

My sister Kristin was able to make it out, which was so great.  I love going places with her and she looked hot in a blue suede dress.  My cupcake dress is by Peach Berserk.

Raymi, Michelle, Carol, Casie, Me, Kristin, Breanna

The first part of our fun day was to watch the interview with Kelly Cutrone of People’s Revolution.  Some of you may know her from her work on The Hills & The City.  She’s a fashion PR powerhouse and now a TV star and author.  I really wanted to meet Kelly in person and get a chance to talk to her, but she was on her promo tour for her book “If You Have To Cry, Go Outside” so she was whisked away to her next interview.  Kelly is one of my business idols and I can’t wait to read her book and hopefully have the chance to meet her in person one day.

After the interview the media/VIP’s went up to the Masonic Hall for a sneak preview of MTV’s new online magazine FORACasie is the features editor of the magazine and she invited a whole bunch of bloggers and media including the Toronto Blog Girls.  It was so great to see all the girls out and dressed so pretty and I got to meet a few more Tweeps/Bloggers IRL.

The magazine will be live in April and the first issue is a Prom theme featuring dresses by Peach Berserk.  Casie & Kingi worked together to dress the Toronto Blog Girls for the event, hence the pretty dresses.  There were a few girls that were saying some nasty things about us dressing up on their blogs & twitter feeds.  Who knew that wearing pretty prom dresses would cause girls to act like we’re in high school?  I was pretty surprised that anyone invited to an event as media would be negative about us wearing dresses featured in the magazinebut I’ll chalk it up to jealousy because we all looked gorgeous.

They had a photo wall up for us to take “Prom Photos” and we all took advantage and hammed it up for the cameras.

Casie, Lisa, Michelle, Raymi, Kristin, Me

Dan & Jessi introduced the magazine and showed outtakes of their “celebrity photo shoot”.  These two are a great pair and they work together really well.

My sister and I had the chance to chat with Jessi and she’s such a sweetheart.  We were talking about her most interesting interview and she floored us when she said Tom Cruise!  Apparently he is really nice and down to earth in person.  Who knew?

After the preview we went down to Hemingways for some drinks and food.  It was such a great day and thank you to Casie & MTV for starting off my week with such a fun day.