Skincare Mission: Pure + simple

I’ve been on my Skincare Mission for a month now and have had great success.  I was looking for a good skincare line that used natural, organic ingredients, was environmentally friendly and Canadian made.  My first choice was Toronto-based Pure + simple Spas, who created their own holistic, natural skincare line.  I emailed Pure + simple and was put in touch with Kristen Ma who and Ayurvedic Practicioner and Esthetician who co-founded the company with her mother Jean Eng.  Kristen suggested we meet in person for a consultation and we made an appointment at their King St W location on January 21.


Me & Kristen Ma



Morning of, I washed my face with my latest routine: Lush Coalface soap, Tea Tree Water & Imperialis moisturizer and went barefaced to the spa.  Kristen was waiting at the front to greet me and after showing me around we sat down to talk about me.  She asked questions about my diet, my lifestyle, work and eating habits and diagnosed me with sensitive & dehydrated skin.  I always thought that I had combination skin and I was really surprised to hear this.  We talked about Ayurvedic and holistic practices and she explained that you have to treat more than just the surface skin if you have skin ailments.  I learned that my acne is most likely caused by stress and dehydration, and because I get it on my jawline it could be related to hormonal imbalances (insert joke here).  To treat it I need to de-stress and hydrate myself with water and externally with an oil moisturizer.


Pure + simple Products



Kristen recommended I try products from the Pure + simple line; Sensitive Cleansing Milk, Organic Camomile Hydrosol (toner), Soothing Mimosa Emulsion (serum), and Sensitive Pitta Face Oil (moisturizer) and she demonstrated the routine on my hand.  I was skeptical of using an oil on face, but I tried it and it was so soothing and did fully absorb into my skin.  All the advice and knowledge she gave me made a lot of sense and I was really interested in learning more about holistic beauty and Ayurveda.  It just so happens that Kristen has written a book, Beauty Pure + simple, and it’s a guide to natural and holistic beauty, which she gave me to take home, along with the products she recommended.  Thank you very much!


My bible & new skincare



I couldn’t wait to get home and try out my new products and I started the routine that evening.  The next morning when I woke up I noticed my skin felt different.  I’m usually very dry in the morning and my didn’t feel as tight.  After using it for 3 days Chad commented that my skin looked nicer and within a week my skin was noticeably brighter and clearer.  I did get the usual getting used to new products pimple, but after the week was up they were gone.


Barefaced again Jan 25/10


She also recommended that I come in to the spa and get an Urban Renewal Facial, which I really want to do but haven’t had a chance to yet.


It’s been a month today since I visited Pure + simple and the change in my skin has been amazing.  My complexion has cleared up and my skin is clear and hydrated.  I have had a couple of blemishes, but they were most likely self induced from not washing my face before going to bed.


I highly recommend trying out Pure + simple’s skincare line if you are looking for a natural, organic skincare line that works.  Thank you to Kristen Ma and Pure + simple for changing the way I think and take care of my skin.


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