It was a bad situation

***This post was one of the lost kaponetwo entries, but thanks to Wayback Machine web archive I was able to restore it!***

Saturday night at Wetbar was terrible.  You would think the having a booth and bottle service would mean they would make sure we were taken care of, but no, it was the opposite.

I had a great time chilling with Casie and getting ready to go out and was excited to meet the other girls IRL. That was the only good part of the evening, meeting some awesome new people.

Casie & I got to the club around 10:30pm and met up with the other girls and a guy.  The lineup to get in was ridiculous, about 200 people but luckily we got to go in the special VIP door.  It turns out to be just another entrance to the club and we had to wait outside in a smaller line for about 20 minutes and finally our host comes to take us inside.  Once we get in the doors we wait in another line up to hand in our tickets.  They gave some of us the wrong tickets and 3 of the girls had to pay a $15 cover to get in, plus our bottle service. Fail #1.

We leave the ticket counter to go upstairs to our booth and are stopped by security and told that coat check is mandatory and we have to pay for it, even though we have a booth.  None of us wanted to part with our jackets at a club in case they got lost, but they told us we had to or we could go.  Fail #2


After we check our jackets we have to wait in another line to get upstairs to our booth.  The bouncers wouldn’t let our host up the stairs even though they kept yelling down any VIP’s or people with Booths are allowed up.  Fail #3

We finally get up the stairs and in the door of the Wetbar.  It’s packed shoulder to shoulder and we have to push through the crowded dance floor to the other side to get to our booth.  When we get there our booth is already packed full of people, standing on the seats, in our area, using our table and we have to get everyone out of our space ourselves so we can sit down.  It was impossible and people were actually rude and pushing us out of our own space.  The club was really dirty and gross and you could smoke inside where we were.  Fail #4

30 minutes later 2 servers brings our bottles & mix with sparklers.  Pretty cute but but they forgot to bring cups and we didn’t notice until we went to pour our own drinks.  Fail #5

We tried to find another server to get cups, finally one came around another 30 minutes later and we asked her for cups.  She came back 20 minutes later with 4 cups for 8 people.  Fail #6

Another server came by and we asked her for cups.  30 minutes later she’s back with plastic cups for us.  So in total we’ve been in our booth for over an hour with no drinks.  Fail #7

We drank and danced and rearranged our booth so we could fit in with all the other crazies who kept jumping into it.  I’ve never been out to a real “club” like that and it’ like a whole other world.  So much makeup, fake tans and boobs.  Lingerie was definitely the dress code for most of the girls.  It was pretty hilarious to see in real life.  Fist pumping and everything.

Around midnight, Pauly D & The Situation came upstairs to our level supposedly to DJ.  People rushed our booth again and got up on our benches, in our area and tried to push us out so they could see them.  The Jersey Shore boys only made an appearance, took some photos and went back down to the other levels of the club.  Fail #8

After they went downstairs the club started to clear out again and we were finally able to have our booth mostly to ourselves and partied it up with our booth neighbors, hairdressers from Barrie.  We had a pretty good time drinking, taking photos and dancing in our area.  I was making fish lips in all the photos taken of me, very Guidette.  At 1am I decided to hit the bank machine to get money for our bottles and went downstairs to another level where it was located.  The machine was out of order, so I went to go back up and a bouncer told me I couldn’t go back to Wetbar because it was full.  I told him my friends were up there and that I just came to get money and he told me too bad, I could go into another club in the building but not back to my booth.  Fail #9

So I texted Casie that I couldn’t get back in to the club and that I was going to get my coat and go home.  I met 2 of the girls that were with us in the lineup for coat check, we gave our tickets and the girl comes back with the two girls jackets and a mens coat for me.  I told her it wasn’t mine and she told me that it was the jacket the corresponded with my ticket.  I asked her to please check my ticket again and she told me that she didn’t know which one it was because they dropped them on the floor and they were scattered all over.  Fail #10

She then started helping other people and all (3 or 4) the girls in the coat check ignored me for about 10 minutes and finally  one girl said that I could leave and try to come back during the week to see if they had it.  Fail # 11

I called Chad in tears to come and get me and once we got home I called the club and left a message.  If you know me, you know I’m not a crier, except at silly commercials and movies.  I was so upset that my jacket was gone and that they expected me to go home in -10C weather with a t-shirt on.

On Sunday I woke up and called the club again & sent an email.  Twitter tells me that two other girls that I was with (Casie & Natalie) with had their purses & phones stolen, as well as Casie’s jacket went missing in coat check.  Fail #12

Today I called the club again and got their bookeeper.  He told me to call back tomorrow when the staff would be in and speak to the Manager, but they probably don’t have my jacket there.  If there is mandatory coat check then how do things go missing?  Is the club not responsible for your things if it is mandatory to check them?  Where would my jacket go?  If they lost my ticket then certainly it should still be hanging on the rack, don’t you think?

I now have no winter jacket and my down filled, calf length winter jacket, a gift from my mother in law, is probably gone for good.

Wetbar was a terrible experience and I will never go back.  You would think that they would give people spending money on a freakin booth and bottles, good service.  I can just imagine what goes on if you’re not in a Booth or a VIP.

I’ll be sure to update the situation after I talk to the manager tomorrow.  Hopefully she will sort this mess out.