Go Leafs Go

Last night was early Christmas present #2. Tickets to the Leafs vs Coyotes game with my Dad! For the past three years Dad has taken one kid each to a hockey game. It is so much fun and I was really looking forward to it. We have the same seats every year and they’re pretty good. Right at the front of the 300 section sitting across from the home goal. Last year he had surgery when we were supposed to go so Chad and I went instead. It was fun, but not as fun as with Dad!

We got there around 7:20 and ran in to get dinner, big beers and pizza, Yum! We got to our seats just as they dimmed the lights to announce the line up and then stood for the anthem. The singer was ok, but he nailed the words to the US anthem and completely botched the Canadian one. The whole stadium booed and the guy behind us said it was the Newfie version.

The game was pretty good except for the fact that they lost 6-3. I’ve never seen a game where they lose so it was kinda sad. We were on the edge of our seats the whole time.

During 2nd intermission we went out to get dessert, Oreo Cookie Sandwiches, and ran into one of Dad’s old bass players. I used to be pretty good friends with his son and apparently he lives in the city too.

It was such a fun night just me and Dad and I’m glad we go to go. Thank you so much Dad. I had the best time and I love hanging out with you. So glad you’re a musician and cool

My Dad wins.