O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

Here is my Christmas Tree version 1. Chad’s mom bought us decorations our first year and it was very nice of her to do that.

After having it up for a week I really wanted to change up the decorations. So we went to Mom & Dad’s for dinner (where I found my paintings) and I took my box of ornaments. Mom has been giving us kids an ornament every year on Christmas Eve since we were born and I have always wanted to put them on my own tree.

This was my first one. I was supposed to be born on Dec 25, 1980 but I was exactly a week late, so they put a sticker over the 0. haha.

Kathryn and I did the switch and it was really fun to remember all the years past when the three of us kids would decorate. We would each get to put the angel on top every three years to be equal and Mom would play the Sesame Street Christmas record. Do you remember that? I remember listening to “The Count” sing all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth when I was about 7 and was missing my two front teeth. haha.

Here is my tree version 2.

I’ll have to get a better photo tonight when it’s dark.

I am so excited for Christmas!