Hail the Villain in Ptbo… starring The Ladies

Need I say more?

Tonya & Rhianne

On Nov 25 Krista and I got on the Go Train to meet Tonya in Pickering for mid-week girls night out to see Hail The Villain play at the Red Dog in Peterborough. It always makes me feel a little anxious when I go there. Lots of good times happened when I lived in Ptbo, but lots of bad times happened as well. As soon as we hit Tapley 1/4 Line the anxiety set in. It’s so nice to see my friends that still live there, but I always feel like I have to look over my shoulder in case someone sketchy shows up.

We went straight to Rhi’s to see Lyla and Tommy and she made Salmon for dinner. I tried really hard to eat it but I just can’t do fish. Then we took some travellers of wine for he walk down to Splinkys (can’t remember the real name but that’s what I was calling it) to meet up with some of our friends.

Me & Lyall

Lyall showed up for a drink and I was pretty happy about it. Lyall is one of my all-time favourite people and we’ve had some pretty interesting times over the years. You are one of few people I know that look good with a big beard.

Krista, Me, Lyall

We were a bottle of wine and two pitchers in when he showed up and this was the beginning of our ridiculous night.

Luke the Magician’s hand & Krista

Randomly enough a magician named Luke Farley was at the bar. I met him at my sisters You Might As Well Live after party HERE back in August and he recognized me, even with the pink hair. He was showing us some pretty awesome card tricks and even taught us how to do one.

Rhianne, Me, Krista

For some reason the more we drink the more boob grabbing and kissing there is…hahaha

Krista, Rhianne, Me, Brienne, Tonya, Danielle

Yay! Brienne and Danielle showed up to say hi and have a few drinks. I don’t get to see B as much as I like and I kept getting happier and happier the more people I ran into.

Rhianne, Me, Paul, Brienne, Tonya, Danielle, Krista

Brienne’s boyfriend Paul is way bigger than all of us. He can play a mean guitar and we have been known to break out into Bon Jovi songs while drinking. So happy to see you guys!

Hail the Villain didn’t end up playing til about midnight and we were all a little ridiculous at this point. They played a good show and I ran into one of my old friends Dan at the bar. We did a Jager shot and it was my first one in over a year. I took it like a champ and didn’t get retarded or hungover from it. Is Jager back in my shot repetoire?

The Ladies

This proves that we all made it to the show. We were definitely not drunk by this point. hahaha. I love you ladies and thanks for such a great night!