I am an Artiste

We had Sunday dinner at the parents house.  It was fun, as always, and we had a very interesting discussion about lawyers.  It was noted by Mom that I should have been a lawyer because of my impressive arguing skills and the way I can make people see my point.  Amazingly enough I ended up as an Agent. haha

Instead of bringing out the albums of baby pictures, Mom went one better and brought out some of our old artwork.  Here are my paintings from 1987.

Carly, Bird & My Little Pony

Teddy Bear Picnic

Carly & Sunny #1

Carly & Snowman

Carly, Kristin & Bunny

As you can tell, I was a very talented child.  I mean, just look at the sunglasses in the Bunny painting.  Pure talent.

I did not pursue art after this and my talent level is still on par with these masterpieces.  I would sell these, or maybe even donate to a gallery, but my mother will not let them out of her possession.

I’m ridiculous.

Happy Rainy Wednesday.