When people try to screw you in an uncomfortable place

…like the back of a volkswagon?

Ok, so I’m not talking about Mall Rats but I am talking about Rats.  The kind that take your money and lie, or don’t perform the services you paid for.  The kind that book someone on an acting job and don’t pay for the work done (especially nasty if the person doing the work had to take time off their paying day job).  In this business of entertainment there are a lot of them.  So many in fact, that they could make up a whole industry on their own.  So what do we do about it?  Do I write about it on my blog?  Do I keep quiet and just let them get away with it?

I have half a mind to start writing a section to call out the rats?  Would this be a good idea?  Is it something that people would like to see?  I am just sick to death of having to deal with these assholes and then see that they do the same thing to the next person.  What do you think?  Should I really start kicking ass and taking names?  Or nameing names of bad businesses, people, etc.  I would love to call them out and I’m seriously debating on whether or not to do it.

I would love some advice on this.