Show and Tell: Dec 5/09

After a shaky start, this week turned out to be pretty good.  A pink dinner party was exactly what I needed to cheer me up, along with a Twitter girl party and a tiger photo shoot.  I thought things were going to slow once December hit but it has gotten even busier for me.  I haven’t posted much lately because of the schedule so Sunday will be my catch up day, I hope.  Today is the Hail The Villain live video shoot and I’ve got a quick Show and Tell for you before I dye my hair and get ready to go!

  • Music is something that always triggers memories in me.  Anytime I hear “Black Betty” I remember my friend Alex and I singing at the top of our lungs in my pickup truck, with tears streaming down our faces from laughing so hard.  It’s very interesting to see that Music Prompts Memory in Alzheimer Patients
  • Do you like flavoured water?  I can’t stand the bottled stuff they are selling lately and here are two refreshing recipes to make your own flavoured water from At Home with Kim Vallee.
  • Aubrey Hepburn was a classic beauty with impeccable fashion sense.  I love her style and have always wanted a dress like hers.  The Selfish Seamstress posted the links to Kerry Taylor Auctions where Audrey Hepburn’s actual dresses are up for auction!  What I wouldn’t give to have even one piece from this collection!
  • has posted some 28 stunning images of wildlife.  It’s amazing how close to the animals they get and I can’t imagine how many shots you would have to take to get a perfect photographs like these.

I’m off to get ready for the Hail The Villain shoot!  Hope you have a fun weekend.