It’s December!

Wow, today is December 1st.  That is crazy!  I can’t believe that this year is almost over.  Where did the time go?

Today is exactly 1 month until my birthday.  Yep, I’m a New Year’s baby.  I absolutely love having my birthday on New Years Day.   I always celebrate at midnight on the 31st so it seems like I get a huge party just for me every year.  Last year we had friends over to the house and it was certainly a change from the crazy parties and shows we’d been to the past few years.  I have no idea what we’ll do this year, but it will be super fun I’m sure.

I’m feeling better than I did yesterday.  I had been keeping the stress and things that were bugging me inside and it was almost a relief to write it out.  I’m ready for this year to be over with and I know that I’m doing the right things to get ahead, where I want to be.  I guess everyone has a little freak out every once in a while and it was really nice to read all the encouraging comments and messages from you guys.  Thanks for caring friends.