Tattoo with Raymi

***This post was one of the lost kaponetwo entries, but thanks to Wayback Machine web archive I was able to restore it!***

Thursday night I went out with Raymi, one of the newest additions to my agency roster.  Raymi is a well known blogger/internet celebrity ,for those of you who don’t know, and you can check her out at

She was invited to see a band and a burlesque show and invited me to come along.  After watching the season finale of Paris Hilton BFF (I was a little excited) we headed down to Tattoo to find out that we missed the event.  Oh well, we went in anyway to have some drinks and see what kind of fun we could have.

Uncle D was there.  Yes, the Canadian Ass Man.  I had some preconceived notions of him, but he was actually a nice guy.  We did some vodka shots and chatted and then went downstairs to the other bar.  Raymi and I danced, we took tons of photos and then cabbed home.  Very interesting night and really fun.  For the full story check Raymi’s blog


Phil showing me how to use my camera




This pretty much sums it up.


Creep who tries to pick up girls hanging with Uncle D.  I was pretty rude and you can tell how impressed I am that he sat down.  At least we got free beer.  I hate when guys don’t get the hint that you are taken.  And we both are very taken.


See!  Dude was humping another girl in front of the DJ booth.  Ugh.  How does anyone pick up like this?


Glad I wore this dress.  Chad’s mom bought it for me.  I don’t think she meant it to be so low cut.  I love it.



I think this was near home time.  Haha.  Apparently when I got home I kept telling Kathryn to look at my face, cause it was a drunk face.  I’m ridiculous.


At the very end we chatted to Edwin.  I used to have a huge crush on him in high school and my best friend Raija and I went to their show in Port Perry and I he signed my Converse One Star shoe.  Nice photo.

Pretty fun night.  I was super hung the next day and didn’t go to the gym.  I though my trainer was going to be mad at me, but we just moved it to today.  He punished me with a Taba circuit.  I’ll do a three in a row gym post when he sends me what we did.