Rancid + Rise Against at the Molson Ampitheatre

***This post was one of the lost kaponetwo entries, but thanks to Wayback Machine web archive I was able to restore it!***

Kathryn took me on a date to see Rancid and Rise Against this past Friday at the Molson Ampitheatre.


It was so awesome!  We walked in the doors and immediately got in line for beer.


It only takes two of these for me to be drunky.

We got there halfway through Rancid’s set, which sucked, but at least we go to hear about six songs.  St Alvia’s Cartel opened the night and we missed them completely.



We bumped into two of our friends Jess and April and the four of us crammed into our two seats to watch.


Rise Against was freakin’ awesome.  I saw them at Sound Academy but this show was way better.  We had great seats too.




After the show the four of us crammed into Jess’ Smart Car and headed to Tattoo to see our friend DJ Dwight.



April I I were in the back sitting on a ledge and hiding from anyone that might want to get us in trouble for putting four girls into a two person car.  It was my first time in a Smart Car and it was actually quite roomy.   I’m def thinking about getting a car soon and it might be a good idea.



We got out of the car in an alley and there were a bunch of people watching us and laughing.  It looked like clown car, so funny.  Then April posed in front of this very roomy classic car.  I can’t remember what it was, but it was cool.