Monte the Houseguest

***This post was one of the lost kaponetwo entries, but thanks to Wayback Machine web archive I was able to restore it!***

This past week was really busy for me.  I had meetings, rudeness, house guests and best of all on Friday I got to see Rancid and Rise Against at the Molson Ampitheatre!  So much fun this week, despite my Wed anxiety.

Our house guest for the next little bit is Monte, my friend Kathryn’s cat.  He and Harley we not impressed with each other at first and were hissing and swatting at each other all day Tuesday but they quickly realized that they both like to play 90% of the time so they became BBF’s.


Monte’s not allowed outside at our house, just in case he runs away.  They have been playing through the screen, chasing each other around the house – until all hours of the night, keeping me awake – and Harley has been sharing his toys.  It’s funny that they get along so well, but I’m glad they do.



He’s been a good boy, a little nippy and he loves to sit on the kitchen table (super pet peeve of mine is animals on tables), but it’s nice for Harley to have a friend.  Kathryn and I have been having lots of work dates as well.  It’s nice to have the company when I’m slaving away all day.