Gym Day 4

***This post was one of the lost kaponetwo entries, but thanks to Wayback Machine web archive I was able to restore it!***

Today was chest day.  It was pretty hard, but did pretty well.  I have to start writing down the weights that I do cause I think it’s pretty impressive.  I’m using all of the machines at the gym and it’s crazy because I’ve always been so scared of them.  I really like going now, even though its hard and I’m kinda sore afterwards.

My trainer Carl is awesome.  He pushes me, which is good cause I might cheat, and we have a good time talking between sets.  He also emails me what we do each time cause I never remember.

So for Chest Day the machines I used were:

Smith Machine flat bench press
smith machine incline bench press
decline bench press (free bar)
Side to side oblique touches
Decline bench sit-up’s
ball raise / leg raise
oblique twists
And I’ve been doing 10 reps about 4 or 5 times I think.  Chad noticed that I’m looking more fit and I can totally tell.  20 more sessions and I’m going to be ridiculous.